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critical safe and brave space

"Without discomfort, you cannot grow"

Our cafe is a space where we share experiences, ideas and thoughts that we may or may not want to share all the time, everywhere.

So we request all our co-unlearners that the chats in the cafe remain confidential.

Listening and Sharing
We ask for videos to be kept on if bandwith allows as seeing each other helps make the collective space safer and braver. We also request everyone to remain mindful that the cafe is about both listening and sharing.

Please try to engage both ways — talk a bit and listen a bit.


We speak for and as ourselves in the cafe. So use "I" and "you", and not "one does like this" or  "one does like that".

India is diverse and we as individuals are diverse too. We encourage everyone to share their views, even if they appear at odds with what you’re hearing from the other co-unlearners.

What this means is, there may be times when we might have to agree to disagree.

Empathy in a Brave Space
Our cafe is also a brave space where we encounter certain uncomfortable conversations.

If anyone feels a bit unsure or uncomfortable in sharing in the cafe, we encourage remembering we’re all co-unlearners together.

That is, if some or even one of us feels uncomfortable, we learn together to be able to be with that discomfort, and move beyond it on leaving the cafe.

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