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Who is this programme for?

Anyone who has an interest in exploring India is welcome to join India & Me. We encourage young people based in India and the diaspora to join us. There’s so much more one can always know about this richly diverse country.

Who will be speaking?
Our cafe spaces are interactive. Everyone has the opportunity to speak and listen. Each cafe is facilitated by two India & Me trained facilitators and one technical support. But these three members also participate as co-unlearners in the cafe, as we believe we can never know everything.


How do I register and buy a ticket?
[Text to come].

How do I attend these cafes?
We meet over Zoom, so you’ll need a device that connects you to Zoom. You’ll receive the Zoom link in your welcome email closer to the time of the start of your programme along with some suggestions to come prepared for the cafe. This “prep” shouldn’t take more than an hour.

Is there an app about the programme that I can download?
We currently don’t have an app.

How do I cancel my registration?
Please let us know at least three days prior to the start of the programme if you don’t intend to attend. We’ll appreciate this gesture as our activities depend on numbers of attendees. Your ticket will be fully refunded if you are able to let us know.


Will I be given a certificate for attending?
Our programme is about deepening people’s interest in knowing more about India. It isn’t a formal educational course.


Is there an age limit or any ID requirement for registration?
The minimum age limit for our co-unlearners is 16 years. You don’t need an ID when you register. We work on trust, on building a trustful community.


When does the cafe open?
We open the Zoom room half an hour before each cafe and we encourage participants to join 10 minutes before the start time. This is to give you time to log in and check any technical issues. A facilitator will be there to welcome you. We will start exactly on time.


Can I eat or drink when a cafe is in progress?
Yes, sure, it is a cafe! But we suggest that you don’t get distracted by the food during the cafe.


Will there be a break in between?
Yes, we’ll have a few 5-10-minute “refresh yourself” breaks in between on each day.


What should I wear?
We don’t have a dress code — dress the way you might, as if you were attending this course in a room.


Would what I say remain confidential?
Yes. Our cafes are safe spaces. Please see our page on a safe and brave space.


Is there any preparation I need to do beforehand?
Yes, we’ll ask you to complete a a quick mentimeter and get some materials ready that you’ll need for some of the activities, like a simple line drawing. It won’t take you more than an hour in total.

Also, the discussions in our cafes, among other things, touch on different forms of violence including suicide and so some of the might be disturbing. So we encourage you to prepare yourself emotionally before joining the cafe. You can reach out to us at the email address below if you would like to talk about this beforehand.

Can I join the India & Me working group?
We have several roles for which we require additional people. For more details, see how to work with us.

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