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Many minds and hands came forward to help create india & me. Although you don't see all those involved on this page, many people dedicated hours of their time to brainstorm ideas, provide resources, review material or help with any of the myriad tasks that take place behind the scenes. We owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.


I am an independent researcher-activist. My research broadly focuses on human rights and social justice movements, decolonisation and intersectionality. I have a PhD in socio-economics from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Geneva. My research focused on the political mobilisation of India's caste-affected, caste-oppressed communities, their movement history and how this movement has shaped lower caste women activists into agents of change.


I am a Lecturer in Education and International Development at the UCL Institute of Education. I work on the intersections of identity and education in conflict-affected settings. I have researched in India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and the UK. In addition, I co-direct Best Foot Music, an intercultural music and arts organisation. It connects refugee and marginalised musicians with extensive music networks and communities in the UK. I have also co-founded the Theatre of the Privileged decolonial movement in education and international development.


I'm currently a housewife and a writer in waiting in the Midlands, UK
From an oppressor-caste background, my every-day dis-tracts me
The private and the public that mirror and merge into each other
My her-story knotted up by caste, class, gender
To (un)sustain my (un)relations
So I grab (un)apologetically all opportunities
For airing my every-day’s uplifting absurdities and painful certainties
Peeling off layer by layer
through learning, un-learning, un-learning and learning again


I spent many days describing myself as an ordinary human, until I realised how privileged that statement was. As a Hindu Kashmiri Brahmin growing up in India, I did not believe in the caste system, and thought that made me an OK person. Growing up as a child of the capitalist world, I enjoyed a good education, a satisfying career and reasonably fewer gender constraints than most. Sometime in 2020, I started realising the amount of caste and class privilege I have enjoyed all my life, and also how easy it had been to lead a cocooned life and pretend all was well with the world. Since then, I have been on a voyage of discovery - listening, learning, researching, understanding, trying to question, and drawing my own conclusions.


Physics teacher. Researcher in science education. Looks at philosophy of science, scientific models, and new materialisms. Occupied with a lot of learning and unlearning of own privileges. In search of a kneaded rant.


I am a historian of South Asia. I have previously taught at Georgetown University, Washington DC and University of Delhi and was educated at JNU, University of Cambridge, and St. Stephen’s College. I have authored a diverse set of monographs, journal articles and book chapters in volumes on environmental history, labour history, history of Indian nationalism and revolutionism, the history of the Indian Ocean and its islands and psychoanalytical history.


I am a Hyderabad based writer, editor and academic with research and teaching interests spanning media studies, feminist scholarship, critical science and technology studies, and writing pedagogy. I dabble in podcasting and writes for the popular media on issues related to education, health and gender.

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