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However, please do explore the website if you wish.


  • India & Me is a public education programme delivered in online cafés, where everyone is a co-unlearner.

  • Together, we develop capacity for understanding how we know what we know about our history and our everyday life, and challenge taken-for-granted ways of thinking about these histories and our everyday privileges.

  • We unpack these privileges and comforts, which are often thought attributed to personal hard work and merit; we reflect on their social and civic costs and how we participate in adding to these costs in our everyday interactions in our families and in our community.

  • Through these engagements in the café we can begin to think how we might move beyond knowing to everyday actions that reduce our injustice footprint.


If you have any enquiries, please see "Common Questions about India & Me" or email

Who We Are

We consider ourselves and all of you who

join us here to be co-unlearners