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who we are

We are a non-profit group with deep roots in, and identities linked with, India. We share our varied and hidden histories, and find ourselves constantly learning and unlearning. Throughout this process we acknowledge that India is a land of many communities and cultures, and challenge the injustices of our past and present.


Members of our working group may have differing political allegiances and opinions. Collectively, we’re simply against institutions that stifle people’s right to think and work for the benefit of a few more than others. Thus, our engagements in a shared space remain non-judgemental at all times.

our story

Many parts of the world are currently witnessing an increase of authoritarianism and a politics of divisiveness. Dissent as a pillar of democracy is being silenced. Mere disagreement can lead to state action. Facts are being distorted by forces of power. Independent voices are being crushed and mainstream media is frequently toeing the government line.

We noticed similar processes in India where, the politics based on religious and caste-based supremacy, and intolerance, seem to have taken over the constitutional ethics of fraternity, equality and justice. 

While it's easy to blame the state, it's time we turned the spotlight on ourselves. We aren't just receivers of information. We must question. Just because something is repeated often, doesn't make it true. It isn't enough to live in a make-believe world with no discrimination. Every time we justify or ignore an injustice, we only encourage the doers. Every time we stay silent out of fear of repercussion, it's just one more nail in the coffin of true democracy.


our approach

We consider ourselves and all of you who join us here to be co-unlearners. Co-unlearners don’t have all the answers, but have a deep-rooted empathy and the courage to ask difficult questions. We offer an open and safe environment where everyone can engage in non-judgemental, meaningful conversations based on lived experiences of all peoples.

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