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how to join us

Outreach Coordinator

We need help to keep building our co-unlearning community, which is currently through word-of-mouth. Outreach coordinators help in creating awareness about the programme through extended networks and encouraging people to visit our website to register for the programme.

Website Administrator

Our website team is responsible for updating and maintaining our website. Prior experience is recommended but not necessary; training can be provided.

Programme Coordinator

There are multiple aspects to this role (which can be divided among two people): communicating information to our cafe participants via email, according to our preset templates, schedule coordination, timetabling of cafes, assigning co-facilitators, training meetings, and sessions for new facilitators, etc.

Content Reviewer

In line with our mission, we constantly engage in reviewing and reflecting on our programme content and activities, and make changes/updates accordingly. This may require the addition of new material to the existing course, and/or additional cafes. Trainee facilitators need to co-facilitate test sessions before they start facilitating cafes in real-time. Our reviewers join in the test sessions to provide feedback on all these aspects.

Cafe Co-Coordinator

As we expand, we will constantly need additional co-facilitators to run the cafes. To become a co-facilitator, you will need to: participate in and complete the India & Me programme as a co-unlearner as mentioned above and complete a facilitator training session successfully.

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