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our co-unlearning approach

to make an effort to forget your usual way of doing something
so that you can learn a new and sometimes better way
(Cambridge English Dictionary)

The starting point for our journey is unlearning privileges. This means moving away from:

  • seeing our often taken-for-granted comforts (privileges) as rewards for our ancestors’ or our hard work

  • seeing how our privileges can become a disadvantage for another


  • seeing how our privileges can prevent us from being a responsible social self. A social self is a person who, while focusing on their own growth, ensures the well-being of their community and society as a whole.​

The India & Me programme provides co-unlearners with tools to question some “common sense” notions such as:

  • it should all be about merit

  • trickle-down economy works

  • survival of the fittest is a good approach to life

  • competition is healthy

  • privatisation is good (even while some of us enjoy and praise public services in other countries)

  • uncritical patriotism that primarily means valouring national symbols

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