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Amit Singh

Player Number 1

Location: Ludhiana

Pay close attention to the rules and conditions mentioned below, it is crucial that you play your turn accordingly. Do not reveal or mention these rules to the other players.

  • During your turn, all three dice are rolled by the facilitator twice, that is you get 2 turns, every time. 

  • After each roll, you will move forward the value of your highest die. For example, if you get 3, 4, 6, you will move forward 6 tiles.


Who is Amit?

I am 24 years old and I’ve always lived in Ludhiana. I went to Sacred Heart Convent, it’s one of the best schools around here. I wasn’t really interested in studying -- my parents arranged all sorts of tuition, but I was always more keen on playing cricket. My mother would keep running after me with a plate of food to ensure I was well-fed! Dad wanted me to become a doctor or engineer but I said nah! I’ll help with the family business Dad -- after all, I’m your only son. I did a BA, but It’s expanding our business that I’m more interested in. 


At present we have two clothing showrooms -- I want us to have more, and to expand to other cities. So rather than studying, I’m busy nurturing friendships of the right kind -- I have quite a few friends who are politicians' sons or businessmen themselves. 


We live in a middle-income area, in a  three-storey house, which is our ancestral property (the original house was built by my great-grandfather). My parents live on the ground floor. I live on the top floor. Some years ago, the pressure of the corporation water in our taps began to reduce and the water flow wouldn’t fill up our two overhead tanks. So my dad talked to someone and I heard about a suitcase being delivered. Hey presto! We had a pump installed in no time, and our tanks would fill up fast every day since then. 


I get my car washed every day by a part-time car washer, whom I pay monthly -- you know, I even pay for the days he doesn’t come. Oh don't be surprised, it isn't much -- a fraction of the amount that I spend when eating out with friends. I always like to pay when we go out, you know, it keeps them happy -- and it might make me much happier in the future. I eat with my parents when I’m home -- it keeps the family bonds strong. My mother does my laundry -- it’s women’s work after all ! Mummyji has a washing machine, but mostly I think she gets the clothes washed by Sunita, one of the maids. Can’t say I know anything about Sunita, even though she washes my clothes and does a lot of my other errands -- I've never really noticed her, and the only time I talk to her is to give her instructions on what I want done.

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