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Parvez Godrej

Player Number 5

Location: Gurugram

Pay close attention to the rules and conditions mentioned below, it is crucial that you play your turn accordingly. Do not reveal or mention these rules out the other players.

  • During your turn, all three dice are rolled by the facilitator twice, that is you get two turns, every time. 

  • After each roll, you will move forward the total of the two highest dice. For example, if you get 3, 4, 6 - you will move forward 10 (i.e. 4 + 6) tiles.


Who is Parvez?

I am a 75-year-old retired Army General. I grew up in Mumbai, where my family counted businessmen like the Tatas as friends. I went to the prestigious Cathedral and John Connon School and later to Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics before heading off for a career in the army. I now live in a farmhouse in a Gurugram suburb with my son and his wife. I am wheelchair-bound, but my son takes great care of me. He employed two house helps and one trained caregiver exclusively to look after me. My son works long hours and Shahnaz, my daughter-in-law, keeps busy with all her charity work. Their 2 children are studying abroad -- doing really well at Harvard and Stanford. 


We have a rainwater harvester set up, a septic tank, and Shahnaz ensures we have all the latest gadgets for improving household efficiency and health. We never drink local water when we travel, we always carry enough packaged water so we are sure about the water we are drinking -- my disability doesn’t stop me from travelling and I take my entourage of carers with me. This way even they get to see new places! I stay busy keeping in touch with my friends and colleagues and travelling to interesting places, which gives me lots of stories to tell.


I am amazed at the way Shahnaz spends ages in the shower  -- she says she dreams and plans her day there, and that the flow of water makes her think clearly. We have three cars (all 4x4s), which are washed daily by our two drivers -- you know how dusty this damned country is! How much do we pay for our water supply? I have no idea, maybe my son can tell you, but to be honest I’ve never heard anyone discuss it. I’ve heard the occasional sigh when petrol prices go up but nothing about the cost of water.

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