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Table 3: Relationships and Me

On this table, we focus on what often gets left out of conversations around "gender" in India. For example, how caste also affects our gendered experience. While some of us are more aware of this, others prefer not to identify by caste because it doesn't or shoudn't matter in modern India. We will together take part in a virtual play to see how how these different approaches affect our daily lives, and how they affect our relations with other people in our family, community and society as a whole.

Some resources we referred to when creating our activity for this table

Published by The Swaddle. 13 June 2021.

A Short Story: Dheesali (Courageous Woman)

Dheesali_Courageous Woman_B Anuradha
Download PDF • 4.75MB

This short story is part of the anthology of stories in Prison Notes of a Woman Activist by B. Anuradha (pp. 34-44). Published by Ratna Books, New Delhi, 2021.


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