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Sudha Subhramaniam

Player Number 7

Location: London

Pay close attention to the rules and conditions mentioned below, it is crucial that you play your turn accordingly. Do not reveal or mention these rules to the other players.​

  • During your turn, all three dice are rolled by the facilitator three times, that is, you get three turns in every round of play 

  • After each roll, you will move forward sum total of all three dice. For example, if you get 3, 4, 6, you will move forward 13 (i.e. 3 + 4 + 6) tiles.

Who is Sudha?

I am 26 years old, a second-generation British Indian woman. I live with my British boyfriend Mike, in Knightsbridge, near Harrods. I studied creative writing before deciding to study law at one of the UK's most prestigious law schools (Cambridge). Like my two brothers, my private boarding school education ensured top grades. As I lived with my parents and all my needs were provided for, I had plenty of time to study for the law entrance exam and prepare for my interview. Like Mike, I am now a successful commercial lawyer in London's high-end financial district (the City). 


My parents are liberal, practising Hindus, and are members of the Hindu Forum of Britain. My father graduated from IIT Chennai and came to the UK in the 1980s to work with a prestigious engineering firm. His marriage was arranged by his family to my mother, an English graduate of Presidency College, Chennai. The families exchanged horoscopes and adhered to all the traditional values (caste observations) while negotiating the marriage; their wedding ceremony was a society affair with elaborate rituals. 


My mother became a housewife upon migrating to London. She has had a cleaner -- Adele-- who has been working for them since before I was born. They occasionally give her a raise to ensure they are always paying her the minimum wage for London. Dad retired a few years ago and continues to live in the family home in Harrow. Just like me, they too use a filter for their drinking water. I love to go to India once a year to stay for a few days with my father’s brother’s family in Chennai. My uncle has installed a grey-water recycler and they also have a septic tank, and a tube-well for 24 hour-water supply (although this is legally not allowed in that area). My family and I always drink bottled water outside the home. I pay my water-tax via direct debit but never remember how much it is because, well, it’s peanuts! Water shouldn’t really cost the earth should it? It is a basic condition of life I always say.

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